Baghdad by the bay

Before the US went all postal on Saddam's regime, Baghdad was held up as an example of a beautiful and cosmopolitan city, never more so than in Herb Caen's description of San Francisco.  I'd been here before, but never for more than a day - Foreign Service interview, whirlawind date day, passing through for work.  But it's such an interesting city now that I'm in the midst of a good week here.

There are hills everywhere, but it's still relatively walkable.  There's (cheap) dedicated motorcycle parking everywhere - I may rent a bike tomorrow just because.  It's 80 and people are complaining about the heat.  Now, I haven't been here in August, but the whole "coldest winter in my life" line would just fit in with the theme of a city that's full of contradictions.  As someone who only minored in philosophy, and therefore does not worship at the altar of consistency or stare decisis, I find a delicious irony just down every street corner.

I want to move here.