Quick Value Prop Hit

One of the things that I've had trouble with is succinctly articulating Dawdle's value proposition.  To me, it's this great and robust platform that can be expanded in infinite ways, meeting the needs of whatever the userbase wants.  Turns out that getting excited about the possibilities rather than what's there now just isn't smart. 

Even as we keep building new functionality and thinking about things to add, we need to be able to communicate why we're better *now*.  Right now, Dawdle's the safe and easy way to name your price for all your gaming gear.  We can back that up: Dawdle lets both buyers and sellers name their price using easy drop-down menus that are specific to gaming.  We provide protection to sellers by guaranteeing payment and giving buyers the tools to resolve any issues that may come up on occasion, and backing them up when necessary. 

Sometimes, it can be hard to focus on the great things you have now when, as an executive, your job is to always look forward, think strategically about new entries, new markets, and new partnerships.  But not only can stepping back be good for your mental health, it's good to step back and look at what you've already achieved and how it already is making your customers' lives better.