Ten Steps To Ten Thousand Sign Ups Before We Even Launch Our Startup

Blueleaf is building the world’s first truly personal financial planning platform.  It’s a complex product with a lot of features to meet all the different problems that our customer discovery has shown that people want.  Here are ten concrete things we’re doing to get 10,000 sign ups before we even launch our product.

1. Making Potential Users Ask Publicly To Get In

There are two ways to get into Blueleaf: get an invite from us, or get an invite from a current user.  We let in a limited number of users every week, and we choose who we let in based on how much they want in.  Only people who request an invite and follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, or otherwise make it clear that they want in, get in.  This means they have to sign up with us and tell everyone else about us before they can get in.

2. The World’s Strictest Invite System

The other way to get in is to get referred in by a current user.  We’ve developed our own twist on refer-a-friend: rather than limit the number of invites someone has, there are an unlimited number of invites – but we’ve limited the time frames to invite a friend.  We turn on the ability to invite a friend for just an hour or two so that people who want in have to beg everyone they know who’s on to let them in before the window closes.  When we announce that invites are on, potential users need to plead for invites publicly on Twitter and Facebook, privately over IM and e-mail, or however else they can reach current users.  Again, this kicks off a viral loop before the app has even launched.

3. Splitting Up Blog And Library Content

We write – a lot.  We publish something new almost every day.  However, most of our new content isn’t on our blog – it’s in Blueleaf's library of articles about financial planning.  It makes no sense to hide an article about bond funds and bond ETFs on a blog, where it’ll be impossible to find in a month.  We’ve segregated our greenfield content so that someone looking for that topic five years after we publish it can find it easily.  Plus, we can easily update and change this content as laws, tax policy, and the investment environment changes without confusing new or returning visitors. 

4. Having A Strong Point Of View

When we write content, we rarely do six of one, half a dozen of the other.  When we write about Roth versus Traditional IRAs, we don’t do pros and cons.  We say that if you have to ask the question, you should open a Roth IRA.  The vast majority of Americans qualify for a Roth.  They should open a Roth.  For the people who should open a Traditional IRA, we go through the reasons when it would make sense – but we don’t do false equivalence.  On our opinionated articles, Blueleaf’s position is front and center, up front, before the rest of the content to deliver as much value as we can in as few seconds as possible. (BTW, we do absolutely no SEO analysis or keyword stuffing.  That stuff is lame.  We write answers to the questions people ask us, simple as that.)

5. We Don’t Blog About Our Product

The Blueleaf blog has three components: Blueleaf Stories, Blueleaf Thoughts, and (to come) Blueleaf Tech.  Our Stories are the Blueleaf staff writing about their own personal financial experiences so that we can make it clear that we’re making a product that we’re very emotionally invested in.  Over time, we’ll ask our users to contribute their own.  Blueleaf Thoughts are about things we find interesting that we think will also be interesting to our audience.  We want to provide value for everyone who is saving for their financial futures, regardless if they’re interested in our product right now or not.  If we have interesting stuff, we’ll get links and traffic.  That’s it.

6. Link Roundups For Users And Relationships

The other thing we do on our blog is post twenty links every Friday afternoon, comprised of the four handpicked links we tweet out each weekday.  Not everyone follows @blueleafcom on Twitter, so it’s a nice convenient place to have some leisurely reading over the weekend.  However, the real clever thing about link roundups is that they provide Trackbacks to the financial bloggers we want to establish relationships with.  Bloggers click through on their Trackbacks, see the Blueleaf site, and get interested in the product.  This makes it much easier to develop relationships and approach them for coverage as we get closer to launch.

7. Using Facebook And Twitter Very Differently

Instead of using our blog to announce new features, we use Facebook Notes.  Also, Facebook is the only place to get a feed of every new piece of content we post when we post it (there’s no RSS feed for our Article content).  Facebook is Blueleaf's broadcast medium for people who want to keep up-to-the-minute with what Blueleaf is up to.  We use Twitter to share interesting links and we’ll use it as a cornerstone of our customer service as we add additional users.  We’re so big on sharing links on Twitter that we have two accounts for it – @blueleafcom and @BlueleafLinks.  The only thing we do on both?  We’re diligent about responding to anyone who comments on Facebook or @replies to us on Twitter.  

8. A/B Testing The Hell Out Of Everything

We A/B test a lot – we’ve tested calls to action, button colors, button size, headlines, images, and a litany of other things using Visual Website Optimizer and Performable.  But we make sure we don’t end up in local maxima.  We’ve A/B tested radical redesigns of our homepage, and the current page is the one that beat the pants off our old one.  We do this A/B testing so that we can maximize our conversion, regardless if the traffic to our site is a trickle or a flood.  We’re ready to catch all the fish in the sea that just happen to be swimming by.

9. Being Smart About Paid User Acquisition

We’ve tested all sorts of various paid acquisition channels – everything from Google and Yahoo to reddit, Facebook, and directory sites.   We’ve been able to drive down our Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) to a very reasonable amount – not the blended CAC between paid and free, but our CAC on paid alone is very, very attractive.  Even though I’m the guy who called AdWords “a gateway drug to unprofitable user acquisition”, being smart with small paid tests that get your CAC down to a reasonable number makes potential investors all hot and bothered.  Proof that you can get affordable paid acquisition makes fundraising much, much easier.

10. Knowing Just Who The Hell Is Signing Up

We run every single e-mail we get through Flowtown so we know a bit about who’s coming in through the open door.  Doing this, we can stagger who we let in when and we can have better content for our e-mail newsletters to those on the waiting list.  We reach out to people we’ve identified as potential influencers and we make sure that we don’t let people who are potential investors until the time is right.  (Join the club, folks – not even our current investors have access to Blueleaf.)  Letting in the right people at the right time means that we prime the pump to yield water only when we’re thirsty for new sign ups.

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Thanks for sharing this approach, It's of a big value for me, since I'm in this stage for my product now.
This should be the bible of viral marketing: It's a quick read, full of good (non-skeevy) marketing ideas, and doesn't champion the 'new tech' over solid content. Genius! Good luck with Blueleaf! Onto 10,000!
I wonder how this approach can be applied to business applications. Most big businesses are not going to be begging their friends for an invite via social network websites... they'll just call and yell at you to get one.
@Graysky sent this to me and I'm in awe. Fan-freakingtastic tips. Well done, Sachin.
Thanks for the mention Sachin!
@danmartell, Co-Founder Flowtown
Great post, Sachin! Thanks for sharing your launch story.
On a slightly less positive note, I guess, I have to say that there's no one who will get me to beg for an invite to a site that hasn't been launched yet. That is, unless I know ahead of time what makes your site stand out as far as usability and features, and unless your site and its features are indeed ready for limited testing. The premise of this article sounds a lot like the "preorder a product I haven't got" nonsense that is so rampant in business these days, and which I wrote a rather extensive rant about a couple of weeks ago. That being said, if you are looking for testers rather than signups for a product you haven't got, if I know of the features I'd be able to test and what makes the product so great, and if there is an easy and effective way of reporting any bugs that the system may have, I just might beg for an invite, follow on Identica or Twitter, like on Facebook, etc., and you can expect my bug reports and feedback as a tester, and most likely keep me as a user.
I do not understand the 'begging for an invite' - but good points mentioned.
You have got to be kidding me...I stopped reading at the end of 1...you guys are simply amazing, putting out more crap in the world that doesn't solve much of a problem and isn't original...stinky...
The first two and last tips all say scarcity is good. The next five say segment your message. The last two say test your ads/site so you can maximize their value.

I think we'd all agree that testing is a healthy way to improve a site's performance and earn more bang for you ad dollar. Same goes for segmenting your message.

My concern is the scarcity argument, because users aren't actually competing for your great product - they're competing for a prize that the majority will walk away from once they win. I personally have a few hundred logins for software I joined and never came back to. Getting people to login is the easy part compared to making them paying or revenue generating. :)

That said, best wishes with your goal!

That's a fantastic list, Sachin.

From BlueLeaf's homepage, it's not clear (to me) what BlueLeaf's positioning is relative to Mint. What's the killer benefit that will get me to beg for an invitation—rather than just sign up for Mint?

How viral is the strict invite system? If you could share some numbers that would be great
Sounds like a good way to get people to come and have a look (like I did with Google Wave, even though the product was, for me, a fail).

Problem I have with financial services advice is that people feel that they ought to be interested in it, but can get bored very quickly. There is a hard core of personal finance geeks who will probably love the site, and who change their mortgage provider every 6 months (and probably actually give a monkey's about the iPhone stocks app).

Am I right that you are aiming for these types of people pre-launch to ensure that the community is full of people commenting and being involved, then move towards the (possibly more profitable) casual users once you are fully open?

There is a risk that if you go too far in what you describe above you will be stuck with the brand associations of being a place for people who know the interest rate of every savings account to swap war stories about financial products. Kind of the financial services equivalent of the Linux kernel mailing list ;-)

Enjoy the ride, and good luck....


You make it sound as though you guys are experts, but when I look at the total number of followers on twitter and fans on Facebook, it is a marginal low number. 10,000 subscribers is a LONG way off in my opinion, you'll be lucky to even get a few hundred. Maybe you should post real tips AFTER you have 10,000 subscribers, that would make it more realistic than now.

Appreciate your points, love the bold perspective.

If I may contextualize, I think that there is a not so obvious component ~ "identity" ~ that is essential to design / create BEFORE a project can stand in some of the declarations you suggest.

Thoughts ?

Sincerely with the best regards,
David Bookout

Thanks for sharing, in particular the off site links. I plan on digging deeper.
You're on the right track on some of the points, but this actually turned me off on your product. You come off as arrogant with the talk about begging for invites, although I'm sure you're not really like that in person. Good luck.
Sachin, I'm curious why you don't allow your investors access to the product? I'm not an investor personally, but have heard numerous accounts of Angels or VCs who merely want to test a product before even setting up a meeting. It'd be great to hear more about that reasoning.
Great post I really like points 6,7,8! Thanks for sharing.
Of the 10 suggestions, the one that resonates is using FlowTown because it talks to knowing your early customers, and getting feedback from them about how the product should evolve. That said, I think setting a number isn't the most productive exercise because it could be a distraction and set you up for disappointment if the target isn't achieved. If the service is good and you marketing it properly, the people will come.


Honestly. What is the difference between Blueleaf and Mint. It seems to me that Blueleaf is just copycatting on Mint.
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Thanks for the great post, Sachin. One question regarding point 8, how would you suggest one avoid being trapped in the local maxima? And what are some tips on finding the global one?
Nice post. I am eagerly looking for the right methods to get sign ups. Hope this article would give some results to me
I have read a few of the articles on your website now, and I really like your style of blogging.
I guess this steps mentioned here is of great use to me. I can use this in my pages. I really like the heading which starts with ten steps; it is that which attracted me to reading this article. Great work.
Maybe you should post real tips AFTER you have 10,000 subscribers, that would make it more realistic than now.
however else they can reach current users. Again, this kicks off a viral loop before the app has even launched.
We also take pride in offering an essay introduction sample for every writing style in the academic world.
Here are ten concrete things we’re doing to get 10,000 sign ups before we even launch our product.
some of the points, but this actually turned me off on your product. You come off as arrogant with the talk about begging for invites, although I'm sure you're not really like that in person. Good luck.
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From Sunday, December 5, the Thai national team will compete in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 with the opening match against Timor-Leste at the Singapore Sports Hub stadium, which is the official team of Alexandre Polking as the new manager of the army "War Elephant" and with the score in Thailand Able to win 2-0 that makes today we will drill and see if this coach has a way to make the team, how are they? Brazilian trainer What kind of playing system did you choose to play with the Thai national team? In the 2020 ASEAN Football Championship, which goes back to his days with True Bangkok United, we've seen that head coach often using strategies like 4-3-3 and 3-4-1-2. which is a game plan that is most likely suitable for the current Thai nation With a style of play that focuses on both offensive and well received Including the use of the edge of the line such as Theerathorn and Tristan Do to help play together in the offensive game. If anyone watches the match, it can be seen that the Thai national team is quite uncomfortable. But when it came in the second half, we played smoothly and had a rhythm that would have been a goal.
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